AppTapp updated to v.3; works with iPhone 1.1.1

If you're a fan of NullRiver's AppTapp Installer for iPhone, it may finally be safe to upgrade to iPhone firmware 1.1.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor
AppTapp updated to v3; works with iPhone 1.1.1
If you're a fan of NullRiver's AppTapp Installer for iPhone, it may finally be safe to upgrade to iPhone firmware 1.1.1.

Installer.app is a UIKit based package manager for the iPhone. It works by downloading packages over WiFi (wireless networking) or EDGE. It supports installing, updating and uninstalling applications from multiple sources.

Fans of AppTapp have been stuck with iPhone firmware 1.0.2 since the latest version of iPhone firmware (1.1.1) rendered the hack useless.

I'm a huge fan of AppTapp as it allows all kinds of fun UI customization and easily OTA downloads of (mostly simple) applications. I've been staying away from firmware 1.1.1 because it breaks AppTapp, in addition to most of the other iPhone hacks out there. AppTapp version 3 fixes this and is "recommended" with firmware 1.1.1.

Some of the new features in AppTapp v.3, according to TechDadBlog, include:

  • New bottom tabs - Featured, Install, Update, Uninstall & Sources
  • Featured - So the newest thing here is “Featured which displays a welcome screen with information about the release. I have a feeling that this spot could be used for “featuring” a particular application in detail (e.g., paid-for spot or sponsor)
  • Install - has now been reorganized to show the Categories as Directories, as opposed to just headers and scrolling one long list. Now, you select a Directory category and then the applications are contained therein, thus eliminating the need to scroll endlessly through ALL of the apps.There is also the nice addition of “Recent Packages” which then is broken down into “Today,” “Yesterday” and “Older”
  • Update - no real significant changes here that I have noticed (yet)
  • Uninstall - no real changes. This is similar to the older single scroll list that the install section used to have.
  • Sources - this area has been slightly redesigned. When you install this new version, you will get an update for community sources update. In this update you will see specific mention to firmware 1.1.1 as the AppTapp Official Source. This is where you REFRESH your sources to see if you have new versions of your installed applications.
  • Program Info - this has been changed ever so slightly to include a better presentation of the data, including now the ability to contact the developer directly on some apps. Clicking on Contact launches an email message to the developer with the subject pre-populated.

I'm still on firmware 1.0.2 and haven't tried it yet with 1.1.1, but so far the changes in v.3 are well worth the (free) update.

Anyone successfully running AppTapp v.3 with iPhone firmware 1.1.1? 

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