Are iPhone users really as vacuous as this study reveals?

Retreevo's study paints a poor picture of iPhone users...
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

Retreevo, the electronics retail store, has published the results of a study of iPhone users:

The highlights:

- iPhone users are more attracted by a partner's cool gadgets than their college degree.

- 20% of iPhone users watch adult material on their phones (seems very high to me.)

- One third think "old gadgets" are a "turn-off."

- one-third have broken up with their partners by text or email.

- one-quarter have broken up with their partner because they spent too much time on their mobile device (I'm not surprised they spent a lot of time on their mobiles if this is the kind of iPhone user typified by the above behavior.)

I use an iPhone but I don't identify with any of these users. How about a comparison against Android users?

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