Ariba's Buyer application to be sold through Unisys

An alliance between Ariba and Unisys will see the B2B solution giant's application being distributed through Unisys' channels. Reselling, implementation and even ASP hosting will be offered by Unisys under the agreement.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

SINGAPORE - Ariba will be selling its Buyer application through Unisys Corporation in an alliance formed recently between the two companies.

Under the agreement, Unisys will resell and implement Ariba's Buyer application in addition to offering it as an ASP model.

The application, a B2B e-commerce solution designed for the management of corporate procurement and operational processes will enable companies to aggregate purchasing from each employee desktop, and direct this spending to preferred suppliers, B2B marketplaces and exchanges.

"Unisys is committed to delivering world-class e-procurement solutions. Ariba Buyer provides us with a proven application to add this critical element to our vertical e-business and e-government portfolio," said Joe McGrath, president of Unisys Global Industries.

The Buyer will be offered worldwide as part of Unisys' Procurement Solutions Practice which offers procurement management solutions.

Unisys will also be extending its system integration services to other Ariba products, such as Marketplace and Dynamic Trade.

Other Ariba products, such as Marketplace and Dynamic Trade will also be covered by Unisys' system integration services.

"Unisys' global services and support capabilities combined with their experience in vertical industries such as publishing, public sector, finance, communications and transportation, make them an ideal partner to help extend the reach of Ariba B2B e-commerce solutions to companies of all sizes worldwide," said Larry Mueller, president and COO of Ariba.

"Together Ariba and Unisys will help companies streamline their eCommerce and business processes, resulting in time and cost savings that dramatically impact our customers' bottom line," Mueller added.

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