Art imitates life: SOA in the movies

Web services makes it to the big screen, can fame and fortune be far behind?
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

SOA Web Services Journal reports that the main character of the upcoming move "Firewall," played by Harrison Ford, is seen reading a copy of its print magazine.

According to SOA/WSJ, the movie is about computer security specialist Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford's character), who battles a hacker who exploits a vulnerability in one of Stanfield's systems. "In 'Firewall,' SOA Web Services Journal is Jack Stanfield's favorite trade magazine where you see Harrison Ford reading the magazine in one scene and on the coffee table in his office, in two other scenes." Firewall will open in movie theaters on February 10, 2006.

Come to think of it, weren't the Millenium Falcon's computer systems built on service-oriented components?

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