Arthur Andersen houses Tivoli security centre

Arthur Andersen and Tivoli get together to meet the enterprise security market head-on, highlighting trends in the security arena that are soon to come.
Written by Samuel Quek, Contributor

A Tivoli security centre will be housed within Andersen's Singapore security labs

SINGAPORE - Arthur Andersen's ALIS (Andersen Labs for Internet & Security), will now house Tivoli System's SecureWay competency centre here, and aims to better help businesses understand security issues, measures and technologies that are available to them by showcasing existing solutions.

The Asia Pacific centre is part of the consultancy's Technology Risk Consultancy practise, under their Assurance & Business Advisory arm, and aims to be a "one-stop shop" for security, according to Uantchern Loh, director of ALIS, in which Tivoli would "fit into every level of the value chain."

Tivoli's role would emphasize on 'proof-of-concepts' within a business environment.

Arthur Andersen has already injected a US$250,000 investment, and intends to add another $250,000 within the next year. Tivoli Systems has also pumped in an initial investment of US$200,000.

Loh emphasized that the convergence of technology would lead to the increased proliferation of mobile phones in the near future.

ALIS, which has released a WAP security solution known as WAP:seal, also sees an increase in the biometrics arena, and are seeking potential staff with backgrounds in genetic engineering, said Loh. Voice-identification was another area of potential interest for the security lab.

Khoo Peng Han of Tivoli remarked that one of the biggest security concerns had to do with access control.

Control issues have to do with security policies at a management level, and part of the solution has to do with not letting security become "mis-managed".

The key to security is strategy and management, said Khoo, not the mechanism itself.

This mindset was one that was shared by both companies, with ALIS' Loh echoing: "Security is a journey, not a destination."

ALIS handles outsourced security, where 5-6 personnel are stationed at the client company.

The Asia Pacific centre has ambitious plans for the near future, with a current staff of about 60 specialists, and plans to expand to 100 by December this year.

"Our dream is to dominate security," said Loh. "To us it's like a religion."

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