Asus likes Android over Windows for Eee tablet

Reports say Asus has chosen Android over Windows to power an Eee tablet that could be released as early as first quarter of next year.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

When it comes to the operating systems that will power tablet computing, it's still anyone's game.

Today, there are reports that Asus has dumped Microsoft's Windows in favor of Google's Android OS for its Eee pad tablet, which could be out by early next year sometime. Apple, of course, is in the game with its own OS for the iPad. And now that HP has acquired Palm, it's likely that it will choose to develop around WebOS.

Microsoft, of course, previously killed the Courier tablet it was working on and said there are currently no plans to develop such a product. Still, even without its own product, Microsoft could be a tablet player on the software side--but the excitement is around Android. The Dell Streak, for example, is a small slate tablet that is powered by Android.

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