AT&T actually offers iPhone customers the service they pay for?

Who doesn't love the iPhone? I don't even own one, and I have a big nerd crush on it.
Written by Jennifer Bergen, Contributor

Who doesn't love the iPhone? I don't even own one, and I have a big nerd crush on it. But, I have kept myself from purchasing an iPhone because I live in New York City, and I figure that if I'm going to pay an arm and a leg for AT&T service, then I might as well be getting my money's worth with fast 3G speed, as well as good reception. According to AppleInsider, iPhone's exclusive service provider, AT&T, announced this week that it has strengthened its 3G signal in the Tri-State Region. Finally, people in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island will get the service they have been paying an exorbitant amount for.

The improvements will yield better reception and speed for iPhone users, as well as better coverage while indoors. At&T/iPhone customers should already see improvements.

AT&T doesn't plan on stopping there. The company plans to make more improvements in its 3G coverage in the fourth quarter of 2009. The HSPA 7.2 technology is intended to provide even faster mobile broadband speeds, although the upgrade won't be done until 2011.

And that's not all; AT&T also plans to build about 1,900 new cell towers across the U.S. this year.

What's with all these improvements, AT&T? Could it be that the company is sweating a little with the end of its exclusive contract with Apple in the near future? I hope AT&T doesn't swoop in and make itself look all attractive right before Apple has to make the decision of whether to renew its exclusive contract, or open it up to other service providers.

So, for those of you in the Tri-State area, have you noticed a difference in your iPhone service recently? Let us know if you notice a change in reception and/or speed?

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