AT&T adopts eco-rating system for mobile devices

Late in 2012, the carrier will add ratings considering 15 green technology criteria including energy efficiency, materials used in manufacturing and recyclability.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

AT&T has become the latest wireless carrier to start talking about the energy, materials makeup and recyclability of the mobile devices riding on its network. The move echoes Sprint's long-time campaign to offer up specific devices that subscribe to greener design and management features than the typical device.

The AT&T eco-rating system will take the form of labels on AT&T-branded devices, starting later in 2012; the system for deciding which technologies will bear the labels was developed by AT&T in conjunction with BSR, which is a consulting firm specializing in corporate sustainability programs and issues. The system will look at criteria such as energy efficiency, how the devices are handled at the end of their useful lifecycle, and how they are manufactured. There are 15 different considerations that will be used for these decisions.

The video below provides more details on how the system will work:

AT&T's move echoes a long-term green mobile device campaign by Sprint in which it has been designating certain devices that meet its Eco-Criteria. Sprint has teamed with UL Environment to pull this off.

Do people really care about whether or not their mobile phone is green? I'm not so sure, although I do know that energy efficiency is a primary consideration for anyone choosing a new mobile phone or smart phone. So it is smart to tout this. Consumers are also more interested than ever in how to dispose of their devices responsibly, especially as the churn rate for mobile devices continues to accelerate.

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