AT&T and Amazon out of stock of Lumia 900; Nokia succeeding in the U.S. so far

I continually say that you have to try a Windows Phone device to appreciate it and given the excellent sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 it looks like people are finally figuring out it is a great mobile OS.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Larry posted earlier about the "mixed sales" of the Nokia Lumia devices, but the mix is due to the result of sales in places like the UK. If you look at sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the U.S., then sales are outstanding and AT&T can't even keep the Lumia 900 on store shelves while Amazon is sold out of the Cyan model. T-Mobile is also reportedly doing well selling the Nokia Lumia 710 and people I know who have one love it.

The UK, and other countries outside the U.S., have a different retail system that is not as easy to keep focused on individual products. I also understand that Nokia's Symbian devices still do OK in that country where Symbian was never adopted here in the U.S.

The fact that the Lumia 900 sold something over 2 million in just the first few days and is a top seller at Amazon Wireless and doing well in retail stores should be very encouraging, especially given that Windows Phone is fighting an uphill battle against the established iOS and Android platforms. I find the news about the Lumia 900 encouraging as a fan of Windows Phone and given that Nokia is working closely with Microsoft I expect to see MUCH better devices with Apollo later this year. Keep in mind, it is just now a year ago that Stephen Elop announced the Windows Phone partnership and they already launched the first LTE Windows Phone in the U.S.

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