AT&T Palm Pre Plus gets reviewed, available 16 May

AT&T is finally getting the Palm Pre Plus and is the first US GSM carrier to carrier a webOS device. The device is virtually the same as the Verizon model with a slightly improved keyboard.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I have a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon Wireless and am overall very pleased with the device. I am getting used to the hardware and coming to appreciate the form factor while I think the operating system is one of the best available today. We are finally seeing the Palm Pre Plus come to a US GSM carrier soon and PreCentral.net has a review of the AT&T version that should hit stores next week for $149.99 with a 2-year contract.

The hardware and operating system are virtually the same as the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon, but Dieter says that the keyboard is actually a bit better due to the "clickier" feel. AT&T is including a free Touchstone with the Pre Plus purchase. I have a couple of Touchstones and LOVE having these charging docks around on my desks.

There is no WiFi hotspot client on the AT&T model and that is actually one major reason I am keeping my Verizon model with the free $40/month hotspot service. You do get AT&T Navigator (branded TeleNav client) on the AT&T Pre Plus and from what I understand GPS works very well on this device. It will be interesting to see how this does when AT&T also has the iPhone and most likely new iPhone coming in a month or two. The Pixi Plus is coming soon too, but we haven't seen any news on availability or pricing yet.

Any readers planning to pick up an AT&T Palm Pre Plus?

UPDATE: Another excellent review of the AT&T Palm Pre Plus can be found over on Mobile Tech Review where they state it is the best Palm webOS device to date.

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