AT&T says 3G is ready for streaming Sling video. Really?

AT&T is opening its 3G network to a Sling Media streaming video app - but is it really ready?
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

I know AT&T has invested some money to improve its 3G service - yet I still find it hard to believe that the network has gone through so much work that it's not only beefed up to handle the demands of the iPhone but now also the streaming video from a Sling Player app.

Add to that the recent news that the NexusOne will be tapping into the network and, when it hits stores, the Apple iPad, too. I hope I'm wrong when I say that I'm skeptical about AT&T's readiness, especially since the network couldn't handle the traffic during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just last month.

The companies issues a statement today to say that a new iPhone app - which is still awaiting approval from Apple - will enable the streaming of the video content from home over 3G networks. Previously, AT&T had limited streaming from Sling players to the devices WiFi connections, saying that it was concerned about strains that it would put on the 3G network.

In a statement released today, AT&T said the company has been testing the new app since mid-December and recently notified Sling and Appl that the optimization for 3G is ready for prime time. In a statement, AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega said:

Just as we've worked with Sling Media in this instance, we look forward to collaborating with other developers so that mobile customers can access a wider, more bandwidth-sensitive, and powerful range of applications in the future. Collaboration with developers like Sling Media ensures that all apps are optimized for our 3G network to conserve wireless spectrum and reduce the risk that an app will cause such extreme levels of congestion that they disrupt the experience of other wireless customers.

Hmmmm. We'll see.

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