AT&T expands 4G LTE international roaming network

From two to 15 -- AT&T's international 4G roaming network has expanded, making it easier for business user and consumer to stay connected abroad.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

U.S. carrier AT&T has announced the addition of 13 new countries to its international roaming 4G network.

The announcement, made at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, says that AT&T wireless customers will now have more freedom to check their email and stay connected when traveling.

In December, AT&T became the first U.S. carrier to allow customers to roam on international networks that provided the quick speeds of LTE.

Now, international roaming partnerships have been expanded to Spain, France, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Guam, Hong Kong and Antigua & Barbuda, bringing the total number to 15, including Canada and the United Kingdom.

However, AT&T plans to expand this number further and has already secured agreements to allow for LTE roaming in over 200 countries.

In September, AT&T and Fon signed an agreement to make roaming cheaper for their clients. AT&T customers traveling abroad have access to hundreds of thousands of Fon international hotspots, and in turn, Fon network members will gain access to AT&T's Wi-Fi network, found in the form of over 30,000 hotspots including hotels and retailers across the United States.

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