AT&T, Qualcomm bet on the future of the connected car

AT&T, Qualcomm, RedBend and QuickPlay will collaborate together to push innovation forward in the connected car industry.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

AT&T's Drive Studio has secured three new partners: Qualcomm, RedBend and QuickPlay, and they are eager to jump on the connected car bandwagon.

At Mobile World Congress 2014, hosted in Barcelona, Spain, the U.S. carrier said that its Atlanta-based Drive Studio is the first of its kind as a lab for innovation and research in the connected car industry.

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon processor will be used within vehicle infotainment and telematics software at the lab, and Qualcomm intends to integrate this technology with AT&T's Drive portfolio, including AT&T's global SIM, bifurcated billing, voice recognition, and 4G LTE network.

Red Bend Software, an automotive software management provider is on board to become a solution provider to remotely manage automotive software in the new AT&T Drive Studio. The firm's software is designed for car manufacturers to manage in-vehicle software and applications over the air reliably.

In addition, QuickPlay Media will be set the task of creating in-vehicle video services in order to deliver TV and stream video through on-demand services to consumers.

"This is an exciting ecosystem and we are committed to leading the way to take the connected car to the next level for auto manufacturers and their drivers," said Glenn Lurie, president of AT&T Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships at AT&T Mobility.

"That's the essence of the AT&T Drive Studio, to bring together the best players in the auto industry ecosystem to collaborate and create the future faster."

Via: AT&T

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