Audiophiles, tweakers, models and more: 10 types of people who will love the HTC U11

After a couple of weeks with a Sprint HTC U11, I've heard from a number of people asking which of the latest devices I prefer and who should consider the HTC U11. There is not a single phone that meets the needs of everyone and the HTC U11 is no exception, but there are clearly some who it is better for.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The HTC U11, see my full review, is HTC's best device since the 2013 HTC One M7, a phone I dubbed my favorite smartphone ever. As a long time HTC device user, I bought the sapphire blue unlocked model due to the audio experience, design, and responsive performance.

Here's the type of folks who may want to consider the HTC U11, along with reasons why:

  1. Budget conscious: The HTC U11 is the lowest priced Snapdragon 835 processor-powered Android phone available today. It is priced the same as the LG G6, with a Snapdragon 821, at $649. You can save $100 to $200 over other phones made by Google, Apple, and Samsung.
  2. Fashionistas: If you are into fashion or modern design, you will be thrilled with the fabulous colors of the HTC U11 and also be able to use it as a mirror. The curved glass leading into metal edges, the black front on all models, and two simple buttons will make you the envy at the nightclub.
  3. Audiophiles: If you use your phone as your primary device for music, then you will be pleased to have your ears melt at the sounds from the USonic active noise-cancellation earbuds that come in the box. The BoomSound speakers have been improved too so showing your friends the latest YouTube video is possible without cupping your hands around your phone.
  4. Photographers: HTC has finally succeeded in launching a smartphone with an excellent camera that matches, and beats in some areas, what we are seeing from Samsung, Google, LG, Huawei, and Apple. You can leave the house with the HTC U11 and trust you will capture great shots on the go, just check out my Flickr image gallery.
  5. Huggers: For those who like to squeeze things, you will appreciate the Edge Sense technology more than I do. Squeeze (hug) or squeeze and hold to launch apps and capture photos with the HTC U11. You can disable it if you want, but try squeezing it a few times to see how it works.
  6. Content creators: HTC's new 360 real-life recording technology will let you focus in on the audio source for videos while the four microphones will ensure you capture accurate audio. Not many phones focus on the video capture experience, but you will be able to create fantastic videos with the HTC U11.
  7. Tweakers/hackers: Folks who like to tweak their ROMs and customize their devices through command line tools will appreciate that the HTC U11 is GSM unlocked while also have an unlocked bootloader. It is a device you purchase and can do with as you wish, while other manufacturers often keep things closed off.
  8. Hands-free fans: Google Assistant on the HTC U11 is awesome thanks to the ease with which the device responds to the Google wake phrase. The U11 will also soon be the first smartphone to support hands-free Amazon Alexa voice control.
  9. Multiple year phone owners: I'm not sure how people do it, but some actually keep the same phone for longer than six months. HTC has a solid track record, and public committment, to providing timely software updates. While others have to buy the latest Samsung or LG to get the newest software, most HTC owners can just perform the update within a couple months of release.
  10. HTC fans: Many people are loyal to one brand and will never switch to another. Thankfully, HTC fans have a lovely device to be proud of in the HTC U11 and will even save some money over switching to a phone from Google, Apple, or Samsung.

The HTC U11 is not for those who want the following:

  • Screen dominant front
  • Wireless charging
  • Virtual Reality experiences
  • Bixby
  • Headphone jack

Are there any other folks who you think the HTC U11 is made for? Are any readers joining me in purchasing this new phone?

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