Audi's self-driving A2 concept lets you catch up on email in traffic

Revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi's all-electric A2 concept has a semi-autonomous drive mode that moves the car forward for you while you're stuck in traffic.
Written by Ami Cholia, Contributing Editor

We're not likely to see this car hit the road anytime soon, but if Audi's latest all-electric A2 concept is a sign of things to come, we're in for a pretty great ride.

Revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the roomy four-seater car comes equipped with a dark glass roof that turns transparent with the push of a button; LED non-glaring beams; tail lights that adapt to visibility conditions; laser fog lights that project a red triangle onto the road as a warning, and of course, the Internet.

But the real show-stopping feature is the car's semi-autonomous driving mode that is capable of giving drivers a break in slow-moving traffic. The A2 basically moves forward or comes to a standstill based on what the vehicle in front of it is doing.

(And with on-board Wi-Fi, you can even complain about the traffic on Twitter and garner sympathy.)

Not much has been revealed about the car's battery and motor technology, but if the rest of the car is anything to go by, it's not likely to disappoint.

A while back Google, came out with its own version of the self-driving car, and even though it's recently faced some problems, these cars are a clear representation of where telematics systems are headed.

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