Aussies avoid iPad Mini price gouge

Apple has unveiled its 7.9-inch iPad Mini device with similar pricing between Australia and the US.
Written by Spandas Lui, Contributor

Apple has lifted the curtains on the iPad Mini, along with upgrades to older product lines, with reasonably similar pricing between Australia and the US.

At a launch event in the US overnight, the electronics giant announced that the 7.9-inch iPad Mini Wi-Fi-only model will begin shipping from November 2, with a 4G long-term evolution (LTE) version to come later. The iPad Mini is half as light as the third-generation iPad, and features Apple's new A5 chip.

The fourth-generation iPad, which has added support for more 4G LTE spectrum bands, was also unveiled at launch, and has the same release dates as the iPad Mini Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + mobile versions.

The LTE models of both devices will be compatible with the 4G LTE networks in Australia.

Having recently been called out in the IT pricing enquiry in Australia for overcharging local customers for electronic goods, Apple's pricing for the iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad in Australia and the US are rather similar. That's not particularly surprising, given that the third-generation iPad pricing between the two countries was on par when the device was released earlier this year, but the company may be forced to appear at an IT pricing enquiry parliamentary hearing in the near future.

It's worth noting that Australian pricing includes GST, whereas US pricing does not include the various states' sales taxes. Australia's currency exchange rate, at present, is also higher than the US' exchange rate.

  US price Australian price
16GB iPad Mini Wi-Fi only US$329 AU$369
32GB iPad Mini Wi-Fi only US$429 AU$479
64GB iPad Mini Wi-Fi only US$529 AU$589
  US price Australian price
16GB fourth-generation iPad Wi-Fi only US$499 AU$539
32GB fourth-generation iPad Wi-Fi only US$599 AU$649
64GB fourth-generation iPad Wi-Fi only US$699 AU$759

Microsoft has also been careful with its Surface tablet pricing in Australia, aligning it more with US pricing.

Apple will begin taking pre-orders on Friday, 26 October, for the iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad Wi-Fi-only versions.

Upgraded iterations of the Apple iMac and MacBook were announced at the launch event as well.

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