Australia Logica's 'stand out' performer

Logica has released its results for the year to 31 December 2009, with Australia the pearl in its international crown.
Written by Suzanne Tindal, Contributor

Logica has released its results for the year to 31 December 2009, and has pointed to Australia as the pearl in its international crown.

Although the company does not break out revenue numbers by country, and Australia is counted as part of a "rest of the world" sector, the report pointed to Australia as being the "strongest performer" in its international business.

Logica CEO Asia Pacific, Colin Holgate, told ZDNet.com.au that Australia had been a "standout" country. "[Australia] posted real growth on all lines," he said, referring to orders, revenues and profit.

Holgate was CEO of Australia until recently, when his influence was expanded to include all of Asia Pacific as well as Australia.

He said that smart metering was key to the growth, as well as government wins such as managing the CrimTrac's IT infrastructure.

Holgate attributed Australia's success partly to the industries it focuses on: utilities, government and transport.

"We have virtually no exposure to the financial services industry," he said, something Holgate doesn't see changing in the immediate future. "We are, at this point in time, not actively going after the financial services sector in Australia," he said, although the company was constantly evaluating possibilities.

Another reason for the local operation's notable performance, according to Holgate, is that most of the company's revenues came from long-term arrangements such as outsourcing.

The company has grown its headcount in Australia he said, although he declined to say how many employees he had taken on. Internationally, the company reduced its employee numbers last year.

Overall, Logica's revenues rose by 3 per cent to £3702 million when looking at the actual amounts, although on a constant currency basis, the company reported a loss of the same value.

The "rest of the world" sector in which Australia operates rose from £199 million pounds in the 2008 financial year to £210 million in 2009.

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