Automatic Labs is shutting down its vehicle tracking service later this month

In an email sent out to Automatic users, the company cites COVID-19's impact on its business as the reason for shutting down.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Automatic Labs, the makers of a small accessory that connected to a vehicle's ODB-II diagnostics port to track driving habits log trips and warn users of potential issues, is shutting down

In an email sent out to its users on Friday, Automatic Labs blamed the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the company as the reason for the shutdown. 

Existing Automatic devices will continue to work until the end of the day on May 28. 

Over the years, Automatic sold a range of connected devices, some of which relied on a nearby smartphone to sync with its mobile app and servers. More recently, Automatics' trackers had built-in cellular connectivity that would constantly sync the vehicle's location and other stats with the service. 

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As for user data, the email sent to customers states that the company will allow users to export their data through June 28, 2020. You can export your data on this dashboard page.

Furthermore, Automatic is offering rebates to customers through June 15, 2020. The rebate amount depends on the model of the adapter you own and requires you to provide a proof of purchase and account information. 

There's a FAQ on Automatic's website that details what users can expect to happen as the company winds down operations, as well as what they'll need to do to file a rebate claim or export data. 

I was a long time user of Automatic and relied on its data quite extensively to track work trips and figure out gas mileage for my vehicles. I'm disappointed the service is shutting down and fear this will be the first of many smaller connected device and service companies we'll see have to close as we continue to face uncertain times.

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