Avaya SMB collaboration platform gets robust new mobile client

Android and Apple iPhone devices will get a richer conferencing and unified communications experience with Avaya IP Office 8.0.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

The latest version of Avaya's unified communications platform for small and midsize businesses boasts two major changes: a robust mobile application and the ability to integrate communications features into certain key business applications.

The mobile component of Avaya IP Office 8.0 is called one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office. Initially available for Android devices (Apple iPhone is coming soon), the application allows users to manage who is on a conference call -- allowing them to invite, view, mute or drop participants. The mobile application is recognized by the IP Office presence application, so that people can tell when you are available or shouldn't be disturbed. There also is a "geopresence" feature that broadcasts where someone is located. (Part of me can see the usefulness of this feature, but it also smacks a little bit of employee babysitting.)

one-X Mobile Preferred is an extension of Avaya's Essential Mobility technology.

The other major enhancement to Avaya's latest SMB unified communications platform update comes in the form of new plug-ins to widely used business productivity applications. For example, small businesses can use the Avaya platform to make or receive a call from within a Salesforce.com page; they can also go to a single location to view Google Talk and IP Office contact lists.

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