AVIcode acquisition will help Microsoft in the datacenter and cloud

Microsoft's addition of end-to-end service and application management will make Systems Center a more effective tool in the cloud and datacenter
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

End-to-end application performance and behavior monitoring is a critical component of a reliable datacenter. I hear from a number of vendors specializing in this space, but for the most part they are focused on Java-based applications management. AVIcode was one of a handful of vendors that specialized in monitoring the applications built on the Microsoft .NET framework, and its acquisition by Microsoft is a key step in the growth of Microsoft applications in the datacenter and cloud.

According to Brad Anderson, CVP, Management & Security Division at Microsoft, in his TechNet blog, Microsoft has been using AVIcode, which integrates with Microsoft System Center, in their production environments for years and realized that as they drove their business into the datacenter and cloud markets that the application and performance monitoring capabilities of the software were essential to providing customers with the information necessary to successfully run large. .NET based applications in their datacenter and cloud.

Information such as that AVIcode will provide is the only accurate way that users of Azure cloud services or .NET in the datacenter will be able to determine if their applications are performing as expected and if they are meeting contracted service levels. The detailed end-to-end service view also allows for the diagnoses and quick response to problems with applications and can be used to identify existing and potential bottlenecks in the application service delivery process.

These tools already exist and are in place for many of Microsoft's competitors, but this acquisition should give Microsoft a slightly more level playing field when customers are considering Azure as their future development and delivery platform.,

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