AWS launches Generative AI Competency to grade AI offerings

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps take the guesswork out of adopting generative AI for your business.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
AWS 2023
Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Since ChatGPT popularized generative AI, many new AI models, software, and hardware have emerged, making it difficult for businesses to figure out which are truly helpful and worth adopting. To help address this problem, Amazon Web Services (AWS) today launched a way to validate the helpfulness of these AI models. 

AWS' Generative AI Competency program aims to validate generative AI expertise, software, and hardware that meets the Amazon cloud unit's standards. The program's criteria include having four repeatable, proven, and real use cases, according to the press release.

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Generative AI Competency aims to help AWS customers identify and adopt the best-suited AI solutions to develop a successful generative AI strategy within their business and accelerate growth.

"We are excited to recognize and highlight partners with proven customer success with generative AI on AWS through the AWS Generative AI Competency, making it easier for our customers to find and identify the right partners to support their unique needs," AWS executive Swami Sivasubramanian said in a statement. 

Amazon's press release says that at launch, AWS Generative AI Competency has over 40 partners that offer tools, services, and infrastructure across different AI sectors, including security and applications. AWS Services Partners offer expertise to help businesses adopt generative AI while AWS Software Partners can automate business domain-specific operations using foundation models. 

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Here is the list of AWS Services Partners: Accenture, AllCloud, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capgemini, Caylent, Compass UOL, Crayon, Datastax, Deloitte, Devoteam A Cloud, DoiT International, Firemind, goML, HCLTech, Hugging Face, Innovative Solutions, Loka, Lumiq, Mission Cloud, ML6, Neurons Lab, Nomura Research Institute, Provectus, Quantiphi, Inc., Rackspace Technology, Reply, ScaleCapacity, Inc., Shellkode, SIA Partners, Slalom, SoftServe Inc., Tata Consultancy Services, TensorIoT. 

Here is the list of AWS Software Partners: AI21 Labs, AISERA, Anthropic, Bosch Global, Software Technologies Private Limited, Cohere, Elastic, Firemind, MongoDB, NLX, NVIDIA, Quantiphi, Inc., SingleStore, Stability AI, and Weights & Biases. 

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