AWS launches new S3 encryption and security features

The new features include some for more secure cross-region replication.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

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Amazon Web Services on Tuesday rolled out a series of new security and encryption features to its S3 cloud storage service. The features are available now for no additional charge. They follow the rollout of Macie, a data security service that uses machine learning to protect S3 content.

There are five new features available:

  • Default Encryption: Previously, to ensure that all objects in a bucket were encrypted, a user had to construct a bucket policy that rejected objects that were not encrypted. Now, a user can install a bucket encryption configuration to ensure unencrypted objects presented to S3 are encrypted using the specified method.
  • Permission Checks : The S3 Console now clearly labels which S3 buckets are publicly accessible:

  • Cross-Region Replication ACL Overwrite: In S3, developers can control the privacy settings of each block with an Access Control List (ACL). Now, when a user replicates objects across AWS accounts, they can specify that the object gets a new ACL, giving full access to the destination account.
  • Cross-Region Replication with Key Management Service (KMS): It's also easier now for users to establish a key policy for the destination bucket. During cross-region replication, encrypted objects are replicated to the destination over an SSL connection. The object remains in its original, encrypted form, and only the envelope containing the keys is changed.
  • Detailed Inventory Report: The S3 daily and weekly inventory reports can now include the encryption status of each object. The report itself can also be encrypted.

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