BA offers free Wi-Fi in airport lounges

British Airways has signed up for the BT Openzone service in its 25 UK lounges
Written by Tim Ferguson, Contributor

Travellers flying with British Airways and other oneworld alliance airlines will soon be able to access wireless broadband for free in UK airport lounges.

British Airways (BA) has signed up with BT to provide the Openzone service in its 25 UK lounges, including the six at Heathrow's newly opened Terminal 5, over the next three years.

The service will be available from 1 April and, according to BA, is one of the first occasions a UK-based airline has offered free broadband in its lounges.

Users will be directed to the BA website when they activate their wireless devices and from there they can connect to BT Openzone.

BA's lounges development manager, Emily Clark, said lounges are an integral part of the travel experience for premium customers and the Wi-Fi service will enable business people to remain connected to the office right up until they fly.

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