Baidu develops 'smart bike' and its operating system

The Dubike could navigate, monitor riders' health, and allow them to build up their own social networks.
Written by Liu Jiayi, Contributor

Chinese internet technology company Baidu has released more details on its upcoming smart bicycle dubbed "Dubike", which is equipped with multiple sensors and a self-developed operating system that allows riders to set up their own social network.

Image: Baidu

According to a 36kr.com's report published on Monday, Dubike's sensors collect riders' data on pedalling frequency, foot pressure, heart rate, velocity, and seating pressure. It then syncs the data with an app on mobile devices for analysis, and provides suggestions.

Moreover, Dubike has other capabilities, such as a hub that could transform kinetic energy into electricity, a handlebar that could navigate and indicate directions, a built-in GPS system that helps locate the bike, and an OS that could advise on routes and users.

The Institute of Deep Learning (IDL), a research arm of Baidu, was previously reported to be developing the smart bike OS, with the aim to integrate mapping and navigation, social networking, and health monitoring on a single platform to be promoted among all bicycle manufacturers.

The sample bike is designed and built by a joint effort of IDL and the Artistic and Industrial Design departments of Tsinghua University, one of the best universities based in Beijing. Dubike is estimated to become available by the end of this year.

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