Ballmer demos Windows 'Slate PCs' at CES

Microsoft's chief executive has unveiled three different small form factor devices that use the touch and mobility capabilities of Windows 7
Written by Jason Hiner, Editor in Chief

It was standing room only in the Las Vegas Hilton Center on Wednesday as Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer introduced three different devices in what he called a new 'Slate PC' form factor.

In the opening keynote speech at CES 2010, Ballmer described the new small form factor tablets. "We're talking about something that's almost as portable as a phone and as powerful as a PC running Windows 7," he said.

"This emerging category of PCs really should take advantage of the touch and mobility and capabilities of Windows 7, and are perfect for reading, for surfing the web and for taking entertainment on the go. Our OEM partners are doing some great work with Slate PCs that will be rolling into the marketplace this year."


The three examples the Microsoft chief executive showed off were a small HP device about the size of the Kindle and running Kindle PC software; an Archos mid-sized tablet that resembles a UMPC; and a large Pegatron tablet that looked like it was meant for reading full-sized newspaper and magazine folios.

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