Based near Seattle? You could snag yourself a free green IT audit

Northwest IT services company hosts green IT seminar, offers free green IT audits.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Seattle area IT services company Northwest Computer Support is holding a Webinar at noon EASTERN on Thursday, Jan. 28, that is focused on the green IT credentials of Microsoft technology. Qualified companies that attend the seminar (as in, they are locally near Northwest Computer AND they meet other criteria) could receive an green IT audit/assessment that is valued at $1,000, according to Paul Graydon, vice president of sales at the company.

Graydon says he got the idea after presenting at a local of chamber of commerce meeting. After the meeting, Northwest Computer's team was astonished by the number of people who requested their help in getting started along the green path. Few of them had any idea where to start.

Microsoft is helping fund the time it takes for these audits, hence the focus on their technology, and one of the big focuses is on server virtualization for this crowd. By taking out an older server that doesn't have power throttling technology, as an example, a company could quickly save $1,000 annually. The focus is very much on smaller and midsize businesses that have are trying to do one very simple thing. "You can make it as hard or as simple as you want. It comes down to saving energy," Graydon says.

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