Basis Band: A wellness monitor that's not just another gadget

The Basis Band, worn on the wrist to track heart rate, goes a step further by also monitoring stress and sleep.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

Using tech to get yourself on track and be more health conscious is great-- and many companies are making this easier and easier to do. Nike's made a splash with the Fuelband, but many other companies have made life-tracking apps and hardware one of the fastest growing arenas for mobile developers.

The Basis Band, worn on the wrist to track heart rate and activity like many of the other devices, takes these gadgets a step further by being more of a holistic life-style, and not just fitness, tool. This is because Basis doesn't just track heart rate and calories, but Galvanic Skin Response (that detects stress levels) and also sleep.

Basis separates itself from the pack in a few other ways, too. Because it's a watch and not an arm band, the device itself can stay on all day, every day-- and because of its design (it doesn't really look like a clunky heart-rate monitor) people might be more likely to do so. But if it's not your style, you can remove the sensor from the watch and attach it to your wrist on your own wristband.

The Basis cloud platform, with a gorgeous UI, is synched with the device, so all measurements go directly to the web in an easy and interactive format. Its UI, designed by Postmammal, is simple and beautiful, and shows how design can be employed to create an environment that emulates the idea behind the product.

Less of an instant-gratification gadget, Basis band seems like a long-term and well-rounded health tracker that's design-conscious to boot.

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