Be there or be Where: Five awesome panels at Where 2.0 2010

I'll be travelling to San Jose for the next few days to attend Where 2.0 2010.
Written by Andrew Mager, Inactive

I'll be travelling to San Jose for the next few days to attend Where 2.0 2010. (Disclosure: I just started working full time for SimpleGeo, a location-based infrastructure startup).

I've never been to an O'Reilly conference before, so I don't know what to expect. Here are five panels that look exciting to me:

5. Handling Real-time Geostreams Raffi Krikorian (Twitter), 9:00am Tues; and Ryan Sarver, (Twitter), 11:25am Wed

Location is valuable, and Twitter is trying to add spatial value to its datastream.

Twitter has launched a Geotagging API – we really wanted to enable users to not only talk about “What’s happening?” but also “What’s happening right here?” This talk will delve into how Twitter handles their geocontent including tool suggestions.

This should be an interesting talk, right before Twitter's developer conference Chirp.

4. The Next Wave of AR: Exploring Social Augmented Experiences Tish Shute (Ugotrade), Jeremy Hight (Mission College, CA), Joe Lamantia (Blend Consulting), Sophia Parafina (OpenGeo), anselm hook (Meedan); 3:05pm Thurs

Holding up your phone to "real-life" and seeing relevant information is eye-opening. It's also scary.

This panel will discuss ways developers will build social ways to implement augmented reality, you can learn about historical and environmental overlays, geo-sensors, and how to "skin the world with interactive fantasies".

3. Location Debate: Tim O'Reilly & Michael Arrington 11:00am Weds

Mike Arrington will square off with Tim O'Reilly, the host of Where 2.0. I am interested to hear what they have to talk about.

The mobile and location industry is being flooded with new players and technologies. Mike and Tim will debate who should win and why they will.

How does location affect the publishing world, both on paper and through the wires?

2. Truly Open Augmented Reality Mike Liebhold (Institute for the Future), Shailesh Nalawadi (Google), Carl Reed (OGC), Damon Hernandez (Web3D), Sophia Parafina (OpenGeo) 3:05pm Weds

Just like HTML is a markup language that help describe data in web pages, openARML could do the same for augmented reality using KML.

Shailesh Nalawadi, the product manager for Google Goggles (visual search engine for phones), will be speaking at this event. I'm excited to see what his team is working.

Another panel on Google Goggles is at Wednesday at 4:50pm by Lior Ron.

1. Adventures in Mobile Social 2.0: Twelve Months of foursquare Dennis Crowley of Foursquare, 11:55am Weds

These guys have kept my attention for over a year, and they are starting to take over the world.

I want to hear what Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley has to say about the state of location today, and how his company will change it in the future.

Four square with Foursquare

As users' expectations grow, how will Foursquare keep game mechanics interesting? How will their company keep up with Gowalla, Facebook, and the rest of the social web?

Other interesting panels include:

Where 2.0 2010 kicks off tomorrow and runs through Thursday in San Jose. And Wherecamp is right around the corner.

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