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Become a better manager: Train at your own pace with this $30 bundle course deal

Learn everything you need to know in order to lead your team to success in this bundle of e-learning courses.

There's no question that management decisions have a significant impact on any business or organization. So it stands to reason that anyone newly moving into a management role wants to be the very best manager they can be. If you have recently taken on a managerial position, or expect to do so any time in the near future, then chances are that you will find The 2021 Better Manager Bundle to be very useful.

This e-learning bundle includes five courses that will allow you to learn at your own pace everything you need to know in order to succeed in your new role. Start with the "Building Better Teams" lessons, where you will learn how to develop networks, ground rules and use the different styles of your members to make the whole group stronger.

The "Coaching and Mentoring Skills" classes will show you how to become an effective group coach and improve your individual team members through mentoring. And, naturally, the "Creating a Positive Workplace Environment" course is vital for building effective relationships within your team. Next, the "Influence and Persuasion Training" lessons will show you exactly how to tell the difference between influence and manipulation, as well as how to use persuasion to achieve your goals. 

The final course, "Leadership Skills for Supervisors - Communication, Coaching, and Conflict", will help you acquire the tools you need for effective communication and coaching, as well as how to deal with conflict. All of these lessons combined will help you to succeed in creating productive teams that are fully engaged in their work, as well as effective in their roles. Best of all, you can get lifetime access to these courses, so they will always be available for you to use as a reference in the future.

This bundle includes an official certification, so you can also use it on your resume or professional website. Don't miss this opportunity to gain effective management training. Get the 2021 Better Manager Bundle today for only $29.99.