Beefed up Sprint Treo 700wx may be coming soon

Verizon's exclusive contract on the Windows Mobile powered Palm Treo is about to end and it looks like Sprint may get an improved model for its customers. The device is in the Sprint PCS Connection Manager system so we know it is coming, but just don't have all the details on the specs.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Verizon has had a 6 month exclusive deal on the Palm Treo 700w Windows Mobile powered device, but that is soon coming to an end. PDA 24/7 posted a Sprint screenshot showing that the Treo 700wx is in the Sprint system. Apparently, the device will be released to business customers on 27 August and also have a major fix over the Verizon Treo 700w model. The Sprint Palm Treo 700wx is rumored to include 64MB RAM instead of the 32MB in the 700w. This 32MB RAM has been one of the biggest disappointments I have heard about from owners and it is nice to see Sprint will be getting an upgraded model. There are also rumors of other tweaks and improvements (not detailed anywhere) in the Sprint Treo device.


I was a long time Treo 650 user and am testing out the PPC-6700 on Sprint right now, but would prefer a Windows Mobile Treo. I didn't even consider it before due to the low RAM issue, but this new information has me thinking twice about the PPC-6700. I wonder what Verizon Treo 700w owners will think when the better Sprint model is released.

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