Before there was ModBook...

...there was the Gemini Special Edition clamshell iBook.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

...there was the Gemini Special Edition clamshell iBook.

Gemini Special Edition clamshell iBook
This graphite iBook conversion by Assistive Technologies may be the first ever tablet Mac. Long before the advent of Axiotron Modbook. Gemini is known as an Augmentive and Alternative Communication (AAC) device. It originally sold for US$6,914.

The owner bought it as a parts machine to salvage some regular clamshells, but couldn't bear to "part it out." He thinks that it may have been an officially Apple-authorized device created primarily for disabled people, featuring added ports for a wheelchair joystick, switch and top-mounted USB. The Gemini also includes a second speaker – the standard clamshell iBook had only one.


  • PowerPC G3/466 MHz
  • Mac OS 9
  • 10GB HDD
  • 192MB RAM
  • 12 inch display

It's for sale on eBay.

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