Berklee School of Music moves towards electronic office

Perceptive's ImageNow e-doc management software will integrate with existing ERP system.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

Years ago there was a lot of talk of living in a paperless society. Well, we all know better now. But one college has taken the idea to heart and has implemented steps towards an all-electronic administration, Berklee College of Music recently announced its decision to implement ImageNow, an electronic documentation management system that will work with its already installed enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

"Perceptive Software's proven success with higher education implementations that involve Datatel Colleague integration was a decisive factor," said Marian Sales, process and documentation specialist at Berklee, in a prepared statement.

ImageNow organizes and links documents for instant retrieval without using a search engine. Users can also access information from any location using WebNow, a feature of the ImageNow program.

"With ImageNow, key data from documents is used to create a link between each document and an existing record. This provides context for every document. Workers then have a way to organize all related documents, retrieve and view them with a single click and route them electronically for additional action or approval."
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