Best back-to-school deals on Amazon

The very best Amazon deals on highly rated school supplies for students.

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In the northeast, it's already starting to feel like autumn. The leaves aren't yet turning orange, yellow, and beautiful shades of red, but it is getting much colder outside, especially at night with the sun setting earlier. And, well, the air smells of football, pumpkins, and dewy grass. Let's face it: Summer is over, and school is starting back up for college and K-12 students. 

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Yep, it's time to close up the pool for the year. Maybe you can squeeze in a few more trips to get soft-serve ice cream, but whether or not you're ready, it's officially time to say goodbye to summer with a back-to-school shopping spree, either for yourself or your kid. For those who prefer to do this annual ritual online, we made it easy, by rounding up some of the best school supplies on Amazon

Best school deals on Amazon

We hand-picked products we think students need to get through school, and we ran each of these items through price trackers to ensure you're getting a deal that's actually on sale. 


Asus Chromebook Flip for $206 ($50 off)

Starting with the obvious, you need a versatile laptop for school. This one has an all-metal body but is still super lightweight. Perhaps most interestingly, it packs an HD screen that flips 360 degrees so it can be used in tablet mode. It also has 4GB of memory and 32GB of storage, which is plenty since it's a ChromeOS laptop with built-in Google Suite.


Beats Solo 3 on-ear wireless headphones for $159 ($139 off)

Several Beats headphones and earbuds are actually on sale through Amazon right now, but this model is one of the best deals we spotted. It's wireless, so there's no need to worry about needing a smartphone with a headphone jack. And since they're over-ears style, they're great for noise reduction and focusing on getting your homework done. 


Toshiba 55-inch 4K HDR LED Fire TV for $399 ($50 off)

Sending your kid off to college? Maybe you should surprise them with a 4K TV. Sure, it's not necessary, but they'll love you for it.


Apple iPad with Wi-Fi and 32GB for $249 ($80 off)

With an iPad, you can type up homework, read e-books, look up tutorials on YouTube, search the internet, and more. This is an entry-level model, but it's perfect for on-the-go students who need a basic-yet-premium tablet to get through school.


Amazon Echo Dot for $30 ($20 off)

Sure, you can listen to music with this thing, but it also works as the perfect alarm clock. Worried about sleeping in and missing the bus or arriving late for that big mid-term? Just ask Alexa to set the alarm. Easy peasy. 


HP OfficeJet printer and scanner for $50 ($50 off)

No matter how much we want to use the cloud and go all-digital, it seems like school is the one place where we can't escape paper. We guarantee you'll still need to print out essays and scan textbooks, so make your life a little easier and get an all-in-one printer. 


SanDisk 16GB 2.0 Flash Drive for $4 ($13 off)

Students constantly need to switch between their own laptops and the desktops in their school's computer lab. In those instances, having a flash drive can come in super handy. They're also useful when working on group projects. 


ILIFE V3s Pro robot vacuum for $119 ($40 off)

Your kid's dorm room floor can quickly get disgusting. If you know they don't like to sweep, get them a robot vacuum. There are many great options out there, but this is one of the cheapest ones we spotted that reviewers still seem to like.


Aukey color touch desk lamp for $26 ($18 off)

It's a desk lamp that changes colors and is touch-sensitive. Nothing special here, but every student could use some extra light when staying up late to write a paper or study for a final. 


Black and Decker mini-fridge for $99 ($50 off)

Get your college student a mini-fridge so they can store two liters and, um, other "beverages" and snacks in their dorm. 


JanSport Mesh Backpack for $26 ($4 off)

Some high schools only allow transparent backpacks these days, for miserable reasons. If your student goes to a school with that rule in place, get them an iconic JanSport. It comes in several colors. We also like this clear heavy-duty backpack.


The Self journal/planner from BestSelf Co for $22 ($10 off)

Got a goal-smasher in your family? Then they need this popular journal-and-planner combo. It's thick, premium, and ultra-professional. It will help them structure their day, week, month, or even the entire school year. 


Pilot Precise V7 rolling ball pens for $13 ($7 off)

I once saw President John F Kennedy's grandson say on Instagram that this is his all-time favorite pen. And I 100% agree with that statement. Try it, and you'll see why. It's super comfortable to hold and writes smoothly, with a beautifully even flow. 


Sharpie Clear View three-pack highlighters for $5 ($3 off)

If you need to highlight notes often, buy these pens -- you can see right through them and easily tell what you're highlighting. That sounds like no big deal until you actually experience it, and then you'll never be able to use another highlighter again. 


Pentel GraphGear 1000 mechanical pencil for $9 ($13 off)

This mechanical pencil has a chiseled metallic grip with comfortable pads. It's the only pencil you need if you're continually drafting or doing any sort of technical writing in school.


Mead Five Star Spiral six notebooks for $19 ($6 off)

Ah, classic Mead notebooks. They're basic as heck, but that's what makes them so great and essential for students of all ages. 


Avery Heavy-Duty Binder for $10 ($6 off)

Speaking of basic, get a binder to store all your loose-leaf papers. Avery should be your go-to; its heavy-duty binder has been around forever and is used by everyone because it's reliable and does exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

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