Best Buy slashing HTC Flyer permanently to $299 on 1 October

If you are looking for an excellent Android tablet in a 7 inch form factor then I recommend you head over to Best Buy this weekend for the HTC Flyer.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Even though I have an Apple iPad 2, I bought the HTC Flyer back in May for $499.99 because I wanted a smaller form factor tablet. I also found I used Android much more for data than phone calls and figured a 7 inch Android tablet was a perfect way to fill my needs. I just read over on Android Central that Best Buy is slashing the price of the HTC Flyer down to just $299.99.

After I purchased my HTC Flyer and the pen at an additional $80 Best Buy started including the pen for free. It wasn't stated in the press release if the Scribe pen is included or not, but if not then search online where you can find it cheaper than the full $80 price. I personally find the pen invaluable and use a cheap Nook case to hold my pen and HTC Flyer together.

The HTC Flyer still runs Gingerbread, although there are ways to hack Honeycomb onto it if you don't want to wait for the supposed eventual roll out of Honeycomb from HTC. I personally find Gingerbread to be a better Android operating system for me personally and have no desire to update mine to Honeycomb at this time. HTC has some greatly enhanced apps on the HTC Flyer that make it a super functional and rock solid tablet.

I always knew the HTC Flyer would be a niche product, but I didn't really care since I find it so personally enriching and am glad that more people will soon discover its value. It probably hasn't been selling too well at $500 and with the new Amazon Kindle Fire announcement, HP TouchPad fire sale, and slow economy it looks like Best Buy had to do something to move the HTC Flyers they have in stock.

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