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Best heart rate monitor and health tech gadgets in 2021

Valentine's Day is on the way and you here you can find a variety of gifts that will not only lift the heart but can also be beneficial to health.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and while flowers, chocolates, weekends away, or meals out are popular and common options to celebrate the day, you may also want to consider a gift that shows that you care about your partner's health.

Smart healthcare gadgets and services have the capacity to save our lives by monitoring vital signs and flagging up unusual rhythms and behaviors. However, they also have value in less critical situations. Some can help us learn about -- and potentially improve -- our sleeping patterns; others will help monitor our fitness, gym sessions, and activity, and portable, smart electronics provide testing kits for everything from gluten to blood pressure readings. 

Smartwatches, rings, brooches, clothing, and other devices small enough to be thrown into your bag that also act as medical devices are all now commonplace. They can be stylish, too. Below, we have showcased some of our favorites for 2020.  

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Bellabeat Leaf Crystal

Price: $199


The stylish Leaf Crystal, offered by Bellabeat, could be a useful and memorable gift this Valentine's Day. 

The Leaf Crystal is a wellness tracker in the guise of jewelry and can be worn either as a necklace or bracelet. You can clip the main tracker on to the wraparound bracelet -- which is studded with Swarovski crystals, hence the name -- or wear it separately, and so the gift doubles-up. The tracker itself can be used to monitor activity levels and sleep, among other functions. 

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Apple Watch

Price: $399+


ZDNet's Jason Perlow has previously documented how his Apple Watch saved his life by detecting the early stages of arrhythmia, resulting in a speedy diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, and this success story should be kept in mind when considering a health-based gift. 

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest flagship model in the product range and while the device can be connected to your phone for a variety of tasks -- such as receiving notifications, listening to music, paying for goods, and texting -- the watch also comes with an ECG reader, fitness app compatibility, activity monitor, and other health features. 

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Fitbit Versa 2

Price: $229.95


The Fitbit Versa 2 is an alternative to more expensive smartwatches and is focused specifically on fitness and health. The wearable device comes with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant built-in and is able to monitor your heart rate, sleeping patterns, and activity levels whether you are simply walking, playing sports, or swimming, and the model is also compatible with the Spotify music streaming service.

Users can expect at least six days of battery life.

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Withings BPM Connect

Price: $99.95


A gadget offered by Withings that could be valued by the health-conscious is the BPM Connect, a wraparound blood pressure monitor that has value for those who are constantly on the move. The product can be thrown in a bag, taken out at leisure, and take your readings for display on an accompanying mobile app. 

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AliveCor portable EKG

Price: $99


AliveCor's portable EKG monitor is another gift with healthy hearts in mind. You press your thumbs on to a Kardia reader and 30 seconds later, the results of your heart's rhythm and rate are analyzed and displayed on an app. The developer says the device may be useful in detecting atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, and tachycardia.

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Smart yoga pants

Price: $249


Does your significant other half enjoy yoga? If so, you could consider gifting a pair of Nadi X yoga pants to ramp up sessions and improve their technique through technology. The clothing is equipped with sensors that feed data to an accompanying app, walking users through yoga poses and making corrections through vibration. 

Options for women and men are available. 

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NutriBullet Balance

Price: $98 ($80 off)


This Valentine's Day, friends and family who are fitness fans or trying to turn to more healthy ways of eating might appreciate the NutriBullet Balance, a Bluetooth-enabled blender encompassing some rather smart features. 

The blender, together with an accompanying app, is able to calculate the nutritional value of your smoothies and can be used to record shopping lists and health-related goals. 

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Omron blood pressure monitor

Price: $50


A gift based on function rather than as a luxury treat, the Omron blood pressure monitor is a home system for reading blood pressure without having to visit the doctor. If you know someone who needs to keep an eye on their pressure, this could be a valued gift. The device is able to store up to 80 readings at a time per user, and an accompanying app can be used to access and check results. 

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Snailax shiatsu neck & back massager chair pad

Price: $149.99 ($100 off)


After a long day at work, your muscles may be protesting and sore and in dire need of some TLC. If your partner isn't around to oblige, the next best thing is a massage chair. However, this doesn't mean you need to invest in a standalone chair; instead, a great gift this Valentine's Day could be the Snailax massage pad. The heated pad can be used with existing furniture and works on neck and back muscles. 

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