Best Ultrabook of CES 2012: Samsung Series 9

While technically too expensive for an Ultrabook, the Samsung Series 9 is a thin notebook without equal.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Ultrabooks may be thin and light, but there must have been several tons of them on display at the CES in Vegas. Every company seemed to be showing off at least one Ultrabook model, and you couldn't turn a corner without bumping into several. Of all the Ultrabooks on display this week, the Samsung Series 9 gets my vote as the best in show.

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The whole point of Ultrabooks is to get thin and light enough to compete with the MacBook Air, and the Series 9 does that easily. At only 0.4 inches at its thickest point and just 2.6 pounds, the Series 9 is easy to throw in the bag and head out the door. The 7 hours of battery life is decent given the quad-core Core i7 processor and 128GB solid-state disk onboard.

The 13.3-inch SuperBright Plus display delivers good resolution (1600x900) and a bright display to handle every lighting situation. Samsung was able to cram lots of ports in spite of the thin duralumin case, including two USB, HDMI, RJ-45 and even an SD slot.

At $1,499 it is expensive for an Ultrabook, but that't the price to get a thin and light with no compromises.

Image credit: CNET Sarah Tew


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