Big Brother Files: Friday

Through the ZDNet keyhole on Friday...
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

Melanie seems set to scoop the £70,000 prize money as the punters' favourite with Ladbrokes putting her odds at 4 to 1.

Ex-nun Anna slips to joint second position alongside Liverpudlian Craig but "the odds are changing on a daily basis" according to a Ladbroke spokesman, influenced apparantly by who is likeliest to sleep with who first.

Next Friday someone has to get the boot, causing frayed tempers in the Big Brother household. Caroline from Birmingham and stockbroker Nick are currently joint favourite although Caroline's decision to up the sexual stakes by snuggling up in bed with Craig Thursday night could improve her chances of staying.

Sex though seems to be taking second place to drink on the householders' agenda as they issue the desperate plea: "Can we have some more alcohol?". After spending two thirds of their £105 budget on booze this week, the guys have run out of food. Nichola says she is prepared to eat grass, but the chickens had also better watch out.

Meanwhile the household awaits judgement for their clay mug and bowl that is now out of the kiln. Thomas has obviously used a potter's wheel before judging by his perfect two out of two. The decision of whether they gain an extra £20 in their weekly budget will be announced in Friday night's programme -- which could provide a quick fix to the beer drought.

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