Big Brother Files: Thursday

Through the ZDNet keyhole on Thursday...
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

"Scary Spice" Melanie now shares poll position with "Sister" Anna.

The UK's biggest bookie Ladbrokes confirms that since Channel 4's Big Brother news flash Wednesday, the smart money is on Mel, but her odds have still slipped to 4 to 1 (that's down from 6 to 1).

Thomas who was an early front runner at 5 to 1 is now lagging behind on 8 to 1 -- but the bookies favour him as a marathon runner rather than a sprinter.

On a more interesting note, sexual tension is mounting in the Big Brother household, and Mel's at the centre of it all. Andrew is still drooling over the "token black girl" (as she earlier described herself), and admits he'd "love to shag her", despite likening her to a "pinball" bouncing between one bloke and the next.

Caroline has taken it upon herself to play Cupid, but Melanie is refusing to give anything away. The nation's hopes of a sexual encounter on the Channel Four Web cam was however shattered last night when Andy confided in 'nice but dim' Nicholas that he would vote Melanie out of the house if she didn't stop bitching.

Yoga enthusiast Sada is clearly the favourite to be given the boot -- but she's already got the fame that she was after. While Nichola dreams of witches and scorpions, Sada is dreaming of her lucrative media future in the world of writing and modelling (now that she has the nose job to go with it!).

Nick and Andrew meanwhile show a spot of male bonding by offering to wash each other's pants. "I've only known you for five days" says Nick, "and already I'm washing your pants."

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