Big Brother Files: Wednesday

Through the ZDNet keyhole on Wednesday...
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

Enemy lines are closing in on Sada and Caroline as the public vote draws to a close, but will Sada stick it out till Friday?

The pseudo hippy chick hotted up her chances of staying last night when she got fruity with Bolton nutter Nicola. Temperatures rose when they entered the Diary Room in the early hours of the morning following the cross-dressing escapade for Andy's birthday. Sada asked Big Brother to phone her boyfriend--"Have you spoken to him because if he's gone then I'll have her. Nic and I will have an affair".

They then snogged!

If Sada walks, the Big Brother team are undecided on their plan of action. Caroline may still get the boot--but unsuspecting Andrew could be brought into the running. Little does he know this as he plots the downfall of the girls with Nick 'Dastardly'. "We can sit out in the garden and listen to the suitcase being dragged across. See all the flash bulbs going off" Nick confides in Andy.

The Web cam spotlight is focusing on the outrageous Nicholas as he attempts to involve Big Brother in his machinations. The camera never lies--and even Nick Dastardly can't stop it from hiding his more than two faces. After nominating Caroline for eviction, he then goes to comfort her with the words "I wouldn't be here if I didn't care".

Ol' two-face also sees himself as the person to stop Sada from walking out--"I will do my best to try and make her see the light", threatening to make Big Brother look bad if he doesn't get his own way.

Question: will the girls trust someone who shaves his forehead?

The bottled-up frustration of the testosterone-laced housemates is meanwhile being burnt on the Scaletrix track that Andy chose as his birthday present.

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