Big data startups are attracting big bucks this year

Big data has been called the next frontier for innovation. And investors are taking notice.
Written by Kirsten Korosec, Contributor
Big data has been called the next frontier for innovation. It's been used to save companies money, help retailers target consumers and even spot endangered species. Big data is all the rage this year. And investors are taking notice. 

In 2013, big data startups received $3.6 billion from investors—nearly 75 percent of what the sector raised over the previous five-year period, according to an infographic released Monday from site BigData-Startups. Check out the site's infographic below for the lowdown on all things big data.

On a side note: investors interest in big data doesn't appear to be slowing, at least through the end of the year. Open source-based data integration company Talend announced today that it raised $40 million in its most recent funding round, which was led by new investor BPI France, the investment arm of the French government.

"The big data market is exploding right now due to the disruptive economics of Hadoop, and it's evolving faster than any other part of the IT landscape," CEO Mike Tuchen wrote in a post on the company's blog. 

Tuchen says the funds will be used to build out its inside sales as well as to scale up its community, partner and channel ecosystems.

The Big Data Startups Investment Infographic
Courtesy of: BigData-Startups


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