Bizarre apps for your iPad and iPhone

Have time on your hands? There are some more unusual uses for an iPad and iPhone than you may think.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Mobile devices are useful. From basic emergency communication to catching up on the latest news, now smartphone use is on the rise a number of apps from taxi services to games, fast food finders to cocktail recipes books are available.

However, with such a high number of developers implementing application software to send out their own programming ideas to the masses, it's not surprising some more unusual apps have appeared in the marketplace.


Here are five top uses of an iPad and iPhone that may make users scratch their heads and ask: 'Why'?

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1.) Practice shooting targets with pigs

Name: Pig Chase Maker: Utrecht School of the Arts

This iPad app is currently only a concept, but perhaps in the future it will become an alternative to virtual pets. The Playing with Pigs project from the Utrecht School of the Arts is a research attempt to see how humans and domesticated animals can interact -- as well as a potential measure for cognitive abilities in animals.

The 'Pig Chase game works via an iPad user controlling a ball of light in a pig's pen. Each time the pig touches the sphere, it creates colorful sparks. If the human game player and the pig move in sync, then the 'ball' can be shot through a goal. If this happens, the pig is rewarded with a colorful display of fireworks.

The number of goal triangle targets a person and pig hit in one session are recorded on a high score table.

2.) Paint with time

Name: Painting with Time Maker: Red Hill Studios

This relatively new iPad application, launched in December last year, is an image editor which creates the effect of passing time. Based on the 'Exploring Time' documentary series, the user is able to add ageing effects to photography in many different ways.

Whether you would like to use this tool to change people, landscapes, or famous scenes, there's a wide range of effects that can be added to your photo collection. The app comes with a handy gallery of photos to begin with, and you can either take slices of an original photo to manipulate or use your finders freestyle.

3.) Steam up your photos

Name: iSteam Maker: Konstantinos Eleftheriou

Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, this app is another image editor, which instead adds a 'steamy' effect to your photographic efforts. The app turns your screen in to a foggy, watery surface, and you can blow on your mic to further haze a screen.

You can also write and draw on the surface of images, shake the screen to start over, use your favorite images as the background, and write secret messages that friends can 'reveal' by breathing in your microphone.

4.) Rate your 'performance'

Name: BedRabbit Maker: Corendal

Not sure if your partner is telling the truth? This 'unusual' app can be used on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It analyses your performance based on factors such as bed movement and noise levels -- and afterwards, rates your individual performance with a score of 1-10. This 'rating' is calculated via:

  • Intensity
  • Rhythm
  • Progression
  • Diversity
  • 'Artistic' performance

If you really want to, you can send your results to others through email.

Note: You need to be at least 17 to download this application.

5.) Waste time and pop bubble wrap without the mess

Name: Bubble Snap Maker: Neil Daniels

A timewaster for the iPhone and iPad, this application is based on one simple thing -- the addictive notion of popping bubble wrap. A user can keep track of the amount of bubbles they 'pop' via touch, and fresh sheets appear once you've completed a screen's worth.

Image credit:Playing with pigs


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