Black Google Nexus 5 model sold out in the UK?

Less than a week after launch, would-be 32GB black Nexus 5 buyers in the UK face an indefinite wait for Google or LG to replenish supplies.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The wait for Google's latest Nexus 5 smartphones is going up and up: just six days after launching in the UK it appears Google has run out of the 32GB black model.

Brits who hoped to buy the black Nexus 5 32GB model are out of luck, with Google Play now indicating it's out of inventory for the model, which sold via Google's store for £339.

Assuming it's not a glitch in the website, there's no telling when supplies will be replenished, though customers can still buy the device from UK carrier O2 for £529.   

Delays lengthened almost immediately after the Nexus 5's launch, impacting buyers in other parts of Europe where Google appears to be on course to run out of inventory too.

Germans are facing a four to five week wait on the 32GB black model, and two to three weeks for all other models.

It's a similar story in France, where the wait on 16GB and 32GB black models is four to five weeks, and the delay on the white has widened to two to three weeks. Most versions were originally meant to ship within days.

So are Google's Nexus reference smartphones more popular than it expected them to be or has it just miscalculated demand for the latest Nexus, again? 

ZDNet has asked Google for confirmation whether it has run out of the the 32GB black Nexus 5 in the UK and will update the story if it gets an answer.

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