Blast from the past; Graffiti for Android now available

Who could forget the revolutionary Graffiti handwriting recognition software from the good old days of Palm? Well, now you can experience this again on your Google Android device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I started using a Palm Pilot in 1997 and was very fast at text entry using the Graffiti handwriting recognition system. Many of us spent years perfecting our Graffiti skills and now ACCESS Co. LTD is bringing it back to life for the Google Android platform. Graffiti for Android (make sure to search for this term in the Market) is now available for free in the Android Market and brings back all those great memories and a capable handwriting and text entry system. If you were a pro at Graffiti back in the day it should almost be like riding a bike where you never forget and can pick up right where you left off.

After installing Graffiti for Android you will need to go into your text settings and choose it as the keyboard entry method and then in a text entry field tap and hold to select the input method. You will then see the Graffiti area at the bottom pop-up and will be able to enjoy entering letters, numbers, and other characters easily by sliding your finger on the touch screen. With the much better capacitive displays of today, I am finding my Graffiti input to be quite fast and am enjoying this flashback to the past. I love that I can use multiple input methods on Android and even though Swype has been my new favorite it is fun to go back to using Graffiti too if I want.

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