Blue Microphones debuts world’s first ever THX-certified mic

Blue Microphones has debuted retro-looking Yeti USB microphone. While it may look vintage, it's definitely modern being the world’s first ever THX-certified mic.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

When hearing the letters "THX," one usually thinks of high-quality, stellar sound. (Or if you're really nerdy/a film buff, you might remember the George Lucas film that the sound company gets its name from, THX 1138.)

Looking more like a device from another Lucas film, American Graffiti, Blue Microphones has debuted Yeti USB microphone. While it may look vintage, the sound caliber is modern beingtheworld’s first ever THX-certified mic.

After jumping through the hurdles and tests to get THX certification, the Yeti is must be quite a fine microphone. Ready to be connected to either a Mac or PC via USB (without need to install any drivers), the Yeti can be used to capture professional-quality recordings with zero latency. Potential uses include making podcasts, recording music and use on VoIP programs.

The Yeti allows for four different pattern settings (stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional) to accommodate various recording situations. Built with an adjustable desk stand, these settings along with the master volume and muting ability are controlled directly on the device.

Interested buyers don't have to wait, as the Yeti is already on sale now for $149.99. While it's more than I'd want to pay for a microphone at the moment, it's retro design paired with a MacBook Pro (not included, of course) would just seem so perfect together on my desk.

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