BMC Software's MyIT platform handing over IT control to employees

BMC Software boasts that its new platform gives consumers personal control over the delivery of their IT services.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

While IT departments are already trying to grapple with employees bringing personal devices into the workplace, BMC Software might be handing over even more control to consumers.

BMC said that its new MyIT solution is designed to eradicate all of the "pain points of dealing with IT departments" as it "puts the power of IT in the hands of the consumers."

Essentially, MyIT is supposed to be a self-service portal that employees can use from virtually any connected device anywhere, anytime for managing the IT services that they use and need.

The new BMC platform includes a personalized portfolio of services unique to each employee with a content locker, mobile corporate app store and other location-aware services and solutions.

For example, services and information relevant to individual employees are updated as an employee's location changes and/or as these updates are pushed out.

Calculating in estimated saved time and resources, BMC posited that MyIT can reduce overall IT costs by up to 25 percent, depending on the size of the company.

Naturally, this could bring up a debate about how much control employees should even have in the first place when it comes to IT priorities.

But BMC chief technology officer Kia Behnia asserted that there is already too big a gap between corporate IT departments and employees. Thus, MyIT is being touted to fill that gap.

Today, in a powerful irony, an employee’s personal IT experience is much better than their IT experience at work, yet they’re forced to relinquish the productive value of their personal IT when they go to work.

The ‘demand signal’ for change from millions of company employees around the world is unmistakable. Employees want IT organizations that provide a modern “store front” for IT services and information delivery and a “genius bar” ability to manage and control the IT services and information they need to do their jobs. IT organizations must respond to this change, and MyIT is the bridge that connects their industrialized infrastructure with the needs and expectations of their fellow employees.”

MyIT will be available to a limited audience in December and then generally available in April 2013.

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