Bob Pittman on the future of media

Written by Vince Thompson, Contributing Editor

You may remember Bob Pittman from the very early days of MTV. Many credit Bob with creating the network. You may remember him as the CEO of Six Flags or Century 21 Real Estate. Maybe later leading AOL with Steve Case or as the COO of the combined AOL/Time Warner. If Media is not your day job you may have missed Pittman's success since Time Warner operating Broadcast groups and investing in digital media companies. Nine figure success!..... like his sale of Daily Candy to Comcast for 125 million dollars last August. In this recent video on Fox Business's Playmakers Pittman shares his views.

Bob Pittman on The Future of Media

Agree? Disagree? Is Bob excited about broadcasting because there's quick money to made before the collapse.... or will TV always be big?

How are you watching your TV these days? DVR'd? on your laptop? on your laptop while on American Airlines flight 578 from JFK to SF0?

Full Disclosure: I was one of the 14,000 working at AOL under Bob Pittman's leadership. We got both President's Day and Martin Luther King Day.....also some options. Life was good!

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