Boeing and IBM develop air traffic analysis tech

The two organisations have teamed up to work on software designed to manage air-traffic volume and deliver real-time information on flights
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Boeing and IBM Research have developed a new technology dubbed R3, designed to better predict and manage air-traffic volume as well as deliver more real-time information about an aviation event.

Air traffic control image

IBM and Boeing have teamed up on air-traffic control software. Photo credit: Shutterstock

R3 stands for responsive, reliable and real time and it was created at IBM's Watson research lab. The joint project is designed to co-ordinate more flights in the same airspace. The issue of air traffic control is increasingly important as flight traffic is expected to double or triple by 2025.

IBM aims to take the R3 technology and deploy it in other areas ranging from emergency services and weather forecasting to power and water management.

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