Boomi launches data preparation and integration service

This is Boomi's first launch since announcing a $4 billion sale by Dell Technologies to private equity firms last month.
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

Boomi has launched a new data service aimed at producing better cooperation within corporations between IT professionals, line of business managers and chief data officers.

The new Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP) AtomSphere Service is now part of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform and provides a way to share metadata across an organization.

This allows corporations to use Boomi's platform and tools to quickly architect IT solutions based on existing workflows and data sources and to scale them within a few days.

Ed Macosky, Head of Product at Boomi, said "It's no secret that every company has doubled-down on their digital transformation projects during the lockdown. And there's a new reality in that a distributed workforce is now the norm even though the office won't go away. There's a need for hybrid, distributed solutions and that means the quality of the data has to be high and available."

Macosky said that integration projects sometimes suffer from an internal split regarding who is responsible for data quality and access. Chief Data Officers often have valuable metadata about data sources. The new additions to the Boomi platform help to "democratize" data and make it freely available for internal integration projects which often require no code to create. 

He said that a financial services customer of Boomi's was able to implement government regulations on new financial aid loans in a record four days. 

This is Boomi's first announcement since May, when the company was sold by Dell Technologies for $4 billion to private equity firms Francisco Partners and TPG Capital. 

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