Boost your tech career with new electronics, Raspberry Pi, and robotics skills for only $20

Nothing will advance your career in the tech industry than adding new certifications to your resume, and that's exactly what this affordable e-learning bundle can do for you.
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You may be surprised to learn that the top tech companies – Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook – hire just as many programmers who have learned their skills from bootcamps as they do college graduates. So if you've started down the path of a tech career and want to take it to the next level by boosting your electronics, programming, and robotics experience, you can train at your own pace with The 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle for just $19.99.

You need no experience whatsoever with Raspberry Pi to start with "Raspberry Pi For Beginners: Complete Course". You'll learn how to use Python 3, Flask, GPIOs, and more to build incredible projects. "Arduino for Beginners: Complete Course" doesn't require any previous Arduino experience either. All of the projects and hands-on activities will take you from novice to master. Then you can move on to the "Arduino OOP (Object Oriented Programming)" course. These lessons include a step-by-step project that will show you exactly how to use object-oriented programming with Arduino.

All of these courses have been rated an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars average rating by former students, so you know that they are well worth your time. That's not surprising, given that the instructor, Edouard Renard, built an entire robotic arm from scratch using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Ubuntu, and ROS, for the robotics startup he co-founded. Speaking of which, ROS is covered in this bundle, as well.

"ROS2 for Beginners" will help you to master all of the key concepts of ROS so that you can create robot applications that are powerful and scalable. Then you can go on to find out how to migrate a ROS1 code base in ROS2 and create entire ROS2 applications in "Learn ROS2 as a ROS1 Developer & Migrate Your ROS Projects".

Verified purchaser Benjamin L. gave this e-learning bundle 5 stars and summed up two of its best benefits.

"I can study at my own pace, and improve my resume with certifications."

Don't miss this chance to boost your tech career with skills that you can learn when it's convenient for you. Grab The 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle while it's on sale for only $19.99.

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