Borland to distribute tool kits for eBay, PayPal

The software maker has teamed up with eBay and PayPal to market software development kits for Web services to Delphi developers.
Written by Dinesh C. Sharma, Contributor
Borland Software will provide developers access to development tools for creating Web services applications for eBay and PayPal.

Through a joint distribution agreement announced Wednesday, Borland will make software development kits designed by eBay and PayPal available to Delphi developers for creating .Net services. These applications will allow developers to access the eBay marketplace and PayPal's online payment services, the companies said.

eBay and PayPal had enhanced their Web services offerings to attract enterprise customers and Web services developers earlier this year. Thousands of developers have already created customized applications using these tools. Web services technology allows developers to more easily link computers, software and networks through standard interfaces.

PayPal, a unit of eBay, hopes that software developed by third-party programmers will drive more traffic to its online payment system and hence expand its user base.

"This is mutually beneficial for both of our communities," George Paolini, vice president, general manager of developer tools at Borland Software, said in a statement. "The eBay and PayPal Web services-based platforms provide new market opportunities for the many Borland developers working with Windows and Microsoft .Net".

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